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Call of Oseron

This project was done by a team of 7 designers including myself. It is an open-world RPG with the typical RPG systems such as player progression, various equipable and consumable items, numerous quests, and plenty of monsters to kill. On this project, I worked as the project lead and a technical game designer. I was responsible for implementing all major game systems throughout the project.


Dungeon Crawl

I worked on this project for one week. We were tasked with making a game that demonstrated using vectors and the dot product and I decided to take it a step further. In that week I created an item system, functioning AI, quest system, and multiple levels. This is essentially a prototype for an ARPG. This project helped me learn a lot of things I had not practiced much such as nav mesh's, camera controls through Unity, and state machines. 

2019-02-22 (2).png


Project Hologram

During this project, I worked with one other designer. We completed this game over the course of a month. During the project, we had to create documentation, implement game features, get playtesters, and then iterate on the feedback from the playtesters. This is an action game with a physiological twist on the player's powers. I worked on implementing major gameplay systems and AI.


Sneaky Sneaky

I worked on this project for a few days. We were provided a complete state machine that we had to build a sneaking game around. We had a few simple parameters; the guards had to detect the player and go press an alarm. I took it to the next step where they chased and could catch the player after pressing the alarm. I also added some other programming patterns to implement new features for player abilities. 


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SneakY Sneaky


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Even though I am getting into the game industry a little later than planned, it has always been the goal since I was a teenager. Games like Diablo, Baldur's Gate, and Starcraft made me sure I wanted to make games. But Ultima Online cemented the fact I wanted to create worlds for players to live and thrive in. So even though I started down a different career path to take care of my family at a young age I spent as much of my free time learning different programming languages and how to make games on my own. 

Eventually, my kids got to an age where it made sense for me to take a chance and go back to school. It was also convenient online programs were more common so I could still work and support my family. I went to Full Sail University where I graduated Salutatorian with and earned the Advanced Achievement Award. My degree was in game design and that combined with my self-taught programming experience I feel like I have a really well-rounded skill set for working in the games industry. 

Outside of work and school, I enjoy many things such as; hanging out with my family, blacksmithing, reading, camping, and working on projects to hone my game design skills and to learn new things. 

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