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Escape From The Mage Tower


  Escape from the Mage Tower was a school project to test our ability to use vectors. We were instructed to create a simple platformer that utilized the vector concepts they were demonstrating in class. My game is about an evil mage that had an experiment go completely wrong and now has to escape the collapsing tower and avoid all of his creations that are now loose in the tower.


  The game has magic spells, dynamic level elements, basic AI, and basic player controls.

Magic Spells: The game uses two magic spells fireball and teleport. Fireball uses vectors to determine the direction that the fireball should fire in. The teleport spell uses vectors and ray-casts to determine if the player will teleport into an object and if so sets the movement vector to just outside of that object. 


Dynamic level elements: The building is falling down around the player. So roof tiles will randomly fall and the player has to avoid them. 

 Basic AI: The enemies move on a predetermined path and fire projectiles in random directions. They never directly aim at the player so the player never knows exactly which direction a projectile will be shot. This causes the player to be more careful about risky moves around an enemy, if they try a risky jump and the enemy randomly fires in the jump path the player can no longer avoid it.

Basic controls: The game uses A,S to move in the level and space bar to jump. The jump mechanic uses a ray-cast to determine if the player is on the ground or not. If the player is not on the ground it disables them from activating the jump skill until they have touched back down.

My Role                                               

   I was programming the logic for the game pieces to be moved around the board. I was also responsible for implementing the game ruleset that the players and AI would follow.


Game Engine




Development dates

February 2019

Development timeframe

1 week


Tech Design

Code Samples

GitHub Link

Download playable build


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