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The Guardians           


    The Guardians is a space combat simulation game. The game features a first-person cockpit view that the player uses to navigate through space to fight enemies while they complete missions. The game has two flight modes that allow the player to determine the level of control they have over the movement of their spacecraft. 


    The guardians featured multiple levels, a story the player could follow, different AI for varying difficulty, two flight modes, and a combat system that gave the player access to a gun and two types of missiles on their ship.

My Role                                               

During my time on the project, I was a Jr. software engineer. I was tasked with programming a system to load levels and with programming the weapon control system. I also got to work on a simple AI during my time on the project, however, I do not believe that AI made it into the final game. 

Level Loader: This was a simple finite state machine that could take in a level name and then load level data. It was one of the first major systems I have gotten the opportunity to work on in a game.

Weapon Control System(WCS): This feature lets me work with keyboard input, vectors, and object spawning. After it was complete the player could fire guns that had a recharge rate and fire two different missiles that each had their own ammo count.


Game Engine





Development dates

2007 - 2008

Development timeframe

5 months



Code Samples

GitHub Link

Download playable build


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