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Lights out              


    This was another quick project where we were tasked with making a replication of the game Lights Out. In this version, you simply play a random game of Lights Out.


  This is a recreation of Lights Out. The game has a simple manager that determines if all the lights are off, turn tracker, and human player input. The web build for this game is currently down due to some issues with building the game for WebGL.

My Role                                               

  I was the sole person on this project so I was responsible for programming, design, and asset creation. I used C# within Unity to create the game systems and the human player controls. I created the lightbulbs with Unity primitives and the light on and off effect was created with simple single color materials created inside of Unity. Hopefully, I get some time to go over the code and find the bug that causes the WebGL player to have undesirable results when you play it. The videos do show the game in its working state.


Game Engine




Development dates

Jan 2020

Development timeframe

8-12 hours


Scripting, Design

Code Samples

GitHub Link

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