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Got some code done and some ideas on blogging for inspiration…

Time: 1am

Music on Pandora: Oceanic by Tranquility Base.

Well I did some work on my game tonight. I feel I took my time and thought it through and did it a lot cleaner and smarter tonight. Trying to think more on readiablity and program flow rather then just banging it out until it works …

Tonight I worked on some of the stuff my team and I talked about changing in a code review (should have been done a long time ago but I have been lazy). I also worked on some more of the GameState to handled the players being able to choose there card and have the game calculate it. I also did a lot of code rewriting to make it more readable , and more importantly I rewrote the code to use the same data for consistensty checks. I tend to have a problem with creating new ways to check things and I end up with redundent check methods that could potentinally lead to MAJOR problems and unpatronized code that could be hard to trace down because it looks like it should work.

I’m going to try and blog more about what I am doing to see if it helps me get more done and maybe if it helps me be more productive. Nobody reads this blog anyway though so it doesn’t matter if I look like a idiot here haha. Well it is time for bed for me 1am and I have a early alarm clock with my kids .

good night for now

E Ranaldi

#hearts #latenight #pandora #programming

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