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Life moves on.

Well I didn’t get the job with the game programming company. So I’m back to doing my own thing. Hopefully soon I can be a part of something bigger in the software industry. But for now its back to working on my own stuff, which includes a heart game for the Droid and something network based that I haven’t really worked out the details on yet but will be updating about soon. Defiantly be c++ thought for the network stuff I really want to get out of java world it feels like it is killing me. On the gaming front its now time for Star Wars the Old Republic Online, and I am having a lot of fun being a Sith Juggernaut. Hopefully the game keeps up with the fun through end game and I have some entertainment for time to come. If I do get bored there is always MW3 and Skyrim to play so we are set there for awhile. More to come in the future, kind of just lost my train of thought.

Eric Ranaldi.

#gaming #programming #Scatterbrained

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