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Moving forward

Well I had a opportunity to program a game server for a small start up. It was a simple prototype to prove that the concept could work. It was great working full time being home with my family. We got it done a couple week late but it was done. It WORKED and it worked good after a few stability issues got ironed out. For whatever reason the people funding the project felt that they didn’t want to move forward with the current development team so the project died out for me. It is still in development somewhere else I hear so maybe we will still see it in the future.

I have started working as a crane operator again and have been keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. I have put in a few applications and have strong hope for a couple of them.

I have also come up with a new project to work on in my own free time now. It is still in early planning so i don’t have a lot to say about it yet. I have listed it under my current projects though and hope to have more info up soon.

Eric R

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