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SWTOR, work, and programming.

Well SWTOR has been out what a month now? It’s been a fun ride. My Juggernaut is level 50 and in full champion pvp gear. I have had a lot of fun and met some new friends in the process. With engaging quest system of SWTOR I hope to have a long run with this game. Here is a look at my Juggernaut

Ulfrick level 50 Sith Juggernaut

In a week I go back to work. Since I didn’t get the job I am back to traveling, this time western Arizona. I hope to really put some money away so I can make some moves towards making my own future in software development, like going back to school sooner then later. I need to keep myself motivated and on the right track. But for now its back to the grind of the crane operator.

My game is another story. I have not worked on it due to SWTOR and a lack of motivation (which shouldn’t be a issue if I really want to change my life right?). Now I am back to it and hoping to get some major progress. I have really noticed with this project that my lack of school in math and problem solving has really hindered me in my development speed. I spend a lot more time thinking about something then working on the problem then I probably should. It causes me to lose motivation because there is no progress. Let’s hope I don’t let that happen. I will also be designing my own networking system to make a couple small simple games on to show off my network skills as that is what I really want to work on in the field. Also in this time I will be working on Khan Acadamy stuff again, I really need my math skills to be improved and it can’t wait until I finally go back to school.

Well that is whats going on in a nutshell, Kinda disappointed in myself for not being more diligent on the programming/career front.

Eric R.

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