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Project Hologram       


    In Project Hologram you play as Jesse a young mutant girl who has the ability to transform herself into different objects and cause people to see their worst fears. She has been captured by an organization that wants to learn how to synthesize her power or manipulate it. Her mind has had enough of the testing and it is time for her to get out of this place.


  Project Hologram features a stealth system, a combat system, an inventory system, and unique level designs and puzzles. 

Stealth system: This is a pretty simple system. The guards use vision (and soon hearing) to detect the player. The player has to stay out of the guard's LOS (and soon don't make too much noise) to escape the levels without being caught. 

Combat system: The combat system has two abilities a defensive ability where the player can turn into an object to trick the guard, provided the guards didn't see them turn into the object. Then the player has an attack ability that causes the guards to freeze in fear and see their worst fears manifest in front of them, possibly even scare them so much they are killed from fear. Guards can also resist this attack.

Inventory system: This is a straight forward 4 slot system. The first slot is to hold an extra ammo refill, the second slot is for a keycard to unlock the level doors, and the last two slots are for misc items that the designers can use for random events/puzzles in their levels.

Unique Levels: The designer has been working hard to provide a unique play experience with interesting level layouts and puzzles to solve. 

My Role                                               

  On this project, I am the gameplay programmer. I am responsible for providing functionality to the game so that designers can build an interesting play experience. I have also assisted with the game design part of the project.  I have developed and programmed the inventory system, the combat system, guard AI which builds out the stealth aspect of the game, and a custom movement system for the player. I have also assisted in setting up animations for the player.


Game Engine

Unreal 4



C++ / Blueprint

Development dates

March 2020

Development timeframe

1 month


Tech Design

Code Samples

GitHub Link

Download the build

Game Build


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