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  Tanks was my first attempt at a multiplayer game and a group project. The game was going to be a third-person view and had you fight against other tanks in the same game world. 


  The game had quite a few features implemented while we were working on it.

Dedicated Servers - The game could spawn a dedicated server for each match. The players did not host the games.

Matchmaking - Simple matchmaking system that randomly paired queued players together.

Third Person game controls - The system allowed the player to control a tank from a third-person view

Chat server and public chat rooms - The game had a public chat room where players could talk and queue to play games

Robust message system - The game had a robust message system that allowed the client and server to pass efficient data back and forth. 

My Role                                               

  I focused mainly as a programmer on this project. I attempted to write the game server and chat server myself at the beginning. I was very inexperienced and we got some help completing the game server framework. Once we had the framework I worked on expanding the server to allow for chat and gameplay messages to be passed back and forth. I was responsible for writing the message system on the C#/Unity side and wrote a complete message system that allowed each client to talk to the server. I was also responsible for implementing the chat client using my message system. The last thing I worked on was the messages and network communication from within the game world. My partner was responsible for the actual implementation of the tanks moving around and attack but I created all the messages structures needed to make the tanks come alive on each client and the server. The project was abandoned when my partner got busy with school and my job had me working too much overtime. 


Game Engine



C#, C++

Development dates

Spring 2009

Development timeframe

3 months


Client and Server programming

Code Samples

GitHub Link

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