Word Game


Game Engine:                      Unity

Scripting:                              C#

Development dates:           Fall 2014

Development timeframe: 1 week

Role:                                       Scripting, Design

Playable WebGL build:     Play Now


    Word game was a small game project I made for my kids to work on image association and spelling.  The intention was to add numerous animals that my kids could then guess at and compete against each other for the high score.

More Details


Word Game had a very simple feature list. The game played almost identically to hangman but had a more child-friendly theme. The image appearing was used to help the player guess the animal more then it was used to show the player how close to losing they were. 

Random animal selection - Whenever the game started it would randomly select animals and then load the image for that animal into the game board. 
PlayerInput - Player input letters through a simple UI
UI - UI elements displayed the image of the animal, its name, and the already guessed letters

High Score - To help the players keep track I added a high score for the game.

Web Player Build - The game was made in Unity and I used the WebGL build to launch the game onto the web browser. 

My Role

This was a solo project. Which means I was responsible for all of the game design, programming, and asset creation. The images were all sourced from free image sites. The game is still playable on my server. 

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